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How to Get More Keyword Metrics for Your Target Keywords

f you’re old in SEO years, you remember the day [not provided] was introduced. It was a dark, dark day. SEOs lost a vast amount of trusty information. Click data. Conversion data. This was incredibly valuable, allowing SEOs to prioritize their targets. Google said the info was removed for security purposes, while suspicious SEOs thought this was […]
by admi / October 26, 2018 /In News

Why Instagram’s New Anti-Bullying Filtering Is So Dangerous

On Tuesday Instagram announced its latest round of anti-bullying tools, extending its previous focus on textual comments to new computer vision algorithms allegedly able to detect “bullying” in photographs themselves. In typical fashion, Facebook announced the new features out of the blue without consultation with its broader user community and provided no detail beyond the vague statement that it was relying on “machine […]
by admi / October 26, 2018 /In News

Google Is Shutting Down Google+

Google Is Shutting Down Google+ After A Secret Potential Data Leak. Here’s A Profit Lesson Behind It I’m sure you remember earlier in March this year, when Facebook was in the news every day. Remember the whole Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal? What happened was that a company called Global Science Research (GSR) developed a […]
by admi / October 26, 2018 /In News